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Graphic Service Category         
We supply the customers graphic service hereinafter. 
Upload files
Please prepare your files and the files must be 1:1 in original size.TIF or JPG format are available,100-150dpi and CMYK colour.Customers should enlarge the file by software in 100%,and check whether the file is clear enough,also the contents are right.
We will print the files that you uploaded directly and our company never make any changes.We will not be responsible for the not enough resolution and the mistakes made by customers.
If customers use Illustrator or CoreDraw,please change the letters to curve. As it wastes time and is easy to make mistakes,customers should try to change the file into EPS format,then use Photoshop to open it,in 1:1 scale, with CMYK colour,in 100-150 dpi.You can check clearly in 100% enlarge, then change it into TIF or JPG format and upload.
When you name the file, plesae name in English.You had better not use Chinese.
If the file is too big, please compress it into PC(zip) format.
If you have any other questions on uploading file,welcome to seek advice from our staff.
How to upload files to our companyYour computer most be on condiction of accessing the Internet.Open “my computer” and please type or on the address field, then you can establish your own file holder and copy your file into the holder.
The size of file and internet condiction will affect the sending time and stability.
Our system will have records on lander’s IP and activity for safe using, just for ensuring your privacy.The system is just for working on one-way transmission,and will not access to the files in your computer, please feel free to use it.The files you upload will be protected, only staff in our company can access them.
If your computer is using firewall, you may not be able to log in.The files which using the special symbol may not be able to upload, please make sure using English or figure.
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